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Tire dimensions



25 km/h

Engine power

36V / 250W


36V / 7Ah (252wh)


3-speed innergear



Product description

In stock for immediate delivery. 2-4 days within Sweden, 5-6 days within France, 7-12 days within UK. (normal delivery time without any delays).

Wafabike doesn’t normally do city bikes / urban bikes but if we did they would look just like this! So let’s introduce Wafabike’s “i.am.urbanity”.

Gorgeous aluminum frame with high quality components, built-in battery with Samsung cells at 7Ah in 252 watt hours. 700C size with the nicest WTB Riddler tires on the beautiful black polished rims.

The hydraulic brakes from Tektro are effective and make you feel safe when you need to brake in. Gates carbon fiber from Gates carbon and Shimano hub gears not only makes it very stylish and durable but also incredibly quiet and maintenance-free.

The mid-range M500 is the latest from Bafang which has a lovely torque sensor and a big twist that makes the bike move away quickly and quietly. Thanks to the light weight of only 17kg you can handle the bike smoothly. Whether you want to lift it into the apartment or bring it to the car. i.am.urbanity is so easy that even if you do not use the electricity aid you get around without any problems.

The battery is replaceable, means it is possible to remove from frame that day the battery needs to be replaced.

i.am.urbanity is available in the colors matte black & glowing green (limited edition) in frame sizes S, M and L.

The bike comes with fenders and front & rear light.

The sizes of the frames (recommended driver length):

S: 155 – 170 cm
M: 165 – 185 cm
L: 180 – 198 cm

Technical specifications

Battery brand
Brakes brand
Tire color
Battery indicator, speedometer, distance meter.
Chain / Belt
Brake Drive (Carbon Fiber)
Color type
Matt finish
Rear lights
LED battery powered (battery not included)
Front lights
LED battery powered (battery included)
Motor wattage (w)
36V / 250W
Motor brand
Frame size
Size L (185 – 190 cm) Size M (175 – 185 cm) Size S (160 – 175 cm)

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What our customers say

  1. Den bästa cykel jag ägt! Jag har letat länge efter en snygg elcykel som ser ut som en vanlig cykel så när jag såg i.am.urbanity var det kärlek vid första ögonkastet.
    i.am.urbanity är kvalité hela vägen och jag ångrar inte en sekund att jag köpte den! Rekommenderas!

    Kristoffer Benjaminsson

  2. The best bike I’ve owned! I have been looking for a long time for a stylish electric bike that looks like a regular bike so when I saw i.am.urbanity it was love at first sight.
    i.am.urbanity is quality all the way and I do not regret for a second that I bought it! Recommended!

    Kristoffer Benjaminsson

  3. I flera år har jag förvånats över hur eländig formgivningen har varit av på elcyklar.
    Så råkar jag hitta Wafabike och ”i.am.urbanity” av en slump.
    Allt är rätt!
    Mittmotor, hydraliska bromsar, remdrift, navväxel och integrerat batteri. -och låg vikt!
    Så jag slog till direkt och har inte ångrat mig. Cykeln funkar fantastiskt bra.

    Man flyter fram i trafiken liksom uppför den värsta backe!

    Den coolaste hoj jag haft!

    Bo Karlberg

  4. Hello here,

    Really happy to leave a review on this bike. I was the lucky first French guy getting this marvellous bike.

    First of all, before talking about the bike, I’d like to thank Andreas for is availability to talk about the bike, answer all my questions to help me on my decision.

    Now, let’s talk about the bike! I have a past of “classic” racing cycles usage, first of all, the i.am.urbanity look, design is really great, I directly fell in love with the bicycle frame. And that’s not all, all equipments are really of top quality.

    But the best part is riding the i.am.urbanity !!! It’s really comfortable, easy to ride and it gives the perfect help needed / wanted for an e-bike.

    And with all of that, this bike is still very light, it’s easy for me to bring it on the 2nd floor of my apartment going up the stairs.

    Really happy to have this bike !


  5. Je cherchais le vélo électrique idéal depuis plusieurs mois quand je suis finalement tombée sur ce modèle de Wafabike. J’utilise le vélo depuis maintenant 2 mois et j’en suis très très contente. Il est maniable, assez léger et il a tellement de style. Bref, c’est un vélo d’une très belle qualité. Il a tout ce que je cherchais dans un vélo électrique : courroie, freins hydrauliques, moteur central et un beau design! L’assistance électrique fonctionne très bien.
    Grâce à lui, je ne passe pas inaperçue, les gens ont même du mal à croire que c’est un vélo électrique…Bref si vous hésitez à l’acheter, n’hésitez plus et achetez le!

    I had been looking for the ideal e-bike for several months when I finally came across this model of Wafabike. I have been using the bike for 2 months now and I am very very happy with it. It is handy, quite light and has so much style. In short, it is a very good quality bike. It has everything I was looking for in an electric bike: belt, hydraulic brakes, central motor and beautiful design! The electric assistance works very well.
    I never go unnoticed with it, people even find it hard to believe that this is an electric bike … So if you hesitate to buy it, do not hesitate and buy it!


  6. E-bikes are often heavy and tend to have boring design… I wanted a well-designed minimalistic e-bike with integrated batteries. I considered Vanmoof, but opted for Wafabike since they offered high build quality – and parts that easily can be replaced. I’ve had my bike for about 3 months now, and I look forward to the commute to work every day 🙂 I’m really marveled by the lightness of it! Still, the frame is stiff and gives a solid riding experience. The center motor gives such a great kick when starting from stand still, but I do find it a bit less powerful in the strong Malmö headwinds, compared to other e-bikes I’ve had. Under more ideal conditions the bike is a breeze to ride – even without any motor assistance. And people often don’t even see it’s an electric bike 🙂

    Daniel Fridgren