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About us

wafabike - What A FAAAT BIKE

Wafabike’s concept is to sell electric bikes adapted to the Nordic climate (i.e. fatbikes.) You should be able to take the bike to work, out into the countryside or why not off-road? Our bikes have at least 4” tires and can thus be ridden all year round, regardless of the weather. They have a unique design that is exclusive to Wafabike. All our bikes are of the highest quality and we have carefully chosen only branded components adapted to our Nordic conditions.

So much more than an electric bike

After the launch in September 2017 things went fast. In five months Wafabike was developed into a full-fledged e-commerce company based in Rångedala outside the city of Borås. The founder Andreas Elghagen felt the bicycle market lacked suppliers with a holistic approach, and wanted to create a unique concept where the components differ from the standard manufacture of bicycle models. Andreas chanced a number of times, picked out different colours by himself and experimented with parts. Until the first Wafabike model saw the light of day: an exciting hybrid between a fatbike and an electric bike, perfectly adapted to the Swedish climate – also relevant in the current age of environmental thinking. Wafabike aims to make biking more fun, that´s why we are wholeheartedly dedicated to offer electric bikes with unique retro design and details of exceptionally high quality.

Who is Mr. Jeff?

Mr. Jeff is the fictional alter ego of the founder Andreas, who is the father of two children. He is an eccentric American whose personality goes hand in hand with Wafabike’s image of “far from ordinary”. The purpose is to break the ice and reach out to the public in a way that makes people curious of the bikes. Mr. Jeff is also the reason for the deliberate Swenglish on the Wafabike website (which means it’s not Google Translate that is at fault).

We constantly strive for innovative thinking

We are constantly thinking ahead and have big plans for the future. Wafabike’s ambition is to become the biggest manufacturer in the Scandinavian region and Europe, within our specific fatbike type. The ultimate goal is to be established all over the world, so more people can feel the thrilling rush of riding on a Beach Cruiser or Slick Urban City Bike. We aim to constantly think new and ahead. Don´t miss Wafabike’s exciting collaborations and tour in 2019, you’ll find us at Sweden Rock, the Helsingborg Festival, Copenhagen Bike Show and many more. The future is promising for Wafabike. Contact us if you have questions, or if you want to try a bike at our warehouse in Borås.

the logo story

The moose is the “King of the Forest”, so say the stories. Wafabike’s logo is adorned with such a king who stands majestically in front of a fatbike wheel and a shield in the background. He is also characterized on a baseball cap with the older, slightly gentler logo that he replaced on the front. Not only is the moose a symbol for, among other things, Sweden and the Nordic countries, it actually comes from the founder’s nickname “Älgen” (Moose). This, in turn, comes from the surname “Elghagen” (moose in pasture).

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