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Electric ATV

With an electric ATV from Vildmark, you’re not just buying an ordinary four-wheeler – you’re buying an experience and an absolutely fantastic feeling. With JÄGAREN ATV you get something out of the ordinary!
Our unique design creates a vehicle with great flexibility and ease of use. With a low step, you can easily get on and off our electric ATV, unlike traditional fuel ATVs. The suspension can handle most terrains and has a climbing ability of 45 degrees. Removable battery and motor at each wheel gives you a durable vehicle with great performance.
JÄGAREN is naturally equipped with a tow ball that suits most trailers. Our own trailer OXEN also has a motor at each wheel which increases the capacity both towing capacity and longer range. Equipped with its own battery and sockets both on the JÄGAREN and the trailer, you have all the possibilities to use your vehicle for your purpose. Whether it’s for a working day out in the field or during your excursion in the woods, the JÄGAREN is your new best friend. It also has a smaller front bumper & fenders all around, as well as options such as front and rear cargo baskets.
The JÄGAREN electric ATV is perfect for several different operations. For the small farm that needs a vehicle that is quieter or event companies that need to transport goods both indoors and outdoors. Or why not the campsite that needs a quiet vehicle for the convenience of the guests or the conscious municipality that wants to use more environmentally friendly vehicles can now switch to an electric ATV from VILDMARK.
Of course, we must not forget all those who are incredibly hungry for an electric vehicle that can get around on most surfaces and that can be loaded onto the trailer or the back of a large station wagon.
The JÄGAREN is an incredibly strong vehicle that suits most needs and also gives the driver extreme driving pleasure!

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