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Wafabike’s concept is to sell electric bikes adapted to the Nordic climate (i.e. fatbikes.) You should be able to take the bike to work, out into the countryside or why not off-road? Our bikes have at least 4” tires and can thus be ridden all year round, regardless of the weather. They have a unique design that is exclusive to Wafabike. All our bikes are of the highest quality and we have carefully chosen only branded components adapted to our Nordic conditions. 



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this is why you love your electric fatbike

Incredibly environmentally friendly
You love and care for the environment. It does Wafabike too. Being a proud owner of a really cool electric bike is both sustainable and climate-smart.

Extremely limitless
You hate to feel limited - especially by the weather. This is nothing that Wafabike is especially fond of either, actually. A Wafabike, thanks to its wide tires, can be used all year round - yes, you read right. You can slide around just as usual on your electric bike regardless of the weather and season. Fatbikes also work in conditions where an ordinary bike or other electric bike gets problems - for example in snow and on sand. Fatbike Electric bike is fat much more stable and in addition it is - damn comfortable to drive on for example gravel roads and in terrain. Nothing should stop you from sliding around in your electric bike.

This is the shit!
We know that you are a conscious individual who get it. That is why you will love your Wafabike. It is not entirely without reason that the bikes have been given names such as "Badass Fat Retro Cruiser" or "Epic Freedom Fatbike Cruiser". They describe a feeling - which is almost indescribable. It is therefore no point to just "talk" about how powerful a Wafabike is. Don't be surprised when heads turn to you as you slide on your Wafabike - That's right!

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