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Why buy a Wafabike?

Wafabike is against mass production and is increasingly designing / building its own models from Sweden. By manufacturing the bikes on a smaller scale at a time, we maintain higher quality of the products. We care about our customers and also want our customers to feel they have a unique product of good quality. Our ambition is to deliver premium electric bikes directly to the end customer without dealers, thus keeping good prices and being at the forefront of the market.
To charge the battery fully, only electricity equivalent to about SEK 1 is required. The environmental impact is thus extremely small and cannot be compared with, for example, a car, which requires a much larger amount of energy.
Of course, cycling is better than driving a car. With a Wafabike, it is also extremely fun to come out and move. Thanks to the electric motor’s assistance you do not have to come all sweaty to the job / excursion destination.
The extra wide tires contribute to a very comfortable ride. Fatbike is definitely the most comfortable bike to go on.
When designing all Wafabikes, we have sought to have only high quality components. All Wafabikes have, for example, hydraulic brakes, which are considerably better than so-called mechanical brakes. All Wafabikes are also equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which are the best battery type and last longer, weigh less and can store more energy than other types of batteries. The batteries are also of well-known brands such as Samsung, Panasonic and LG. utrustade med Litium-jon batterier, vilket är den absolut bästa batteritypen och håller längre, väger mindre och kan lagra mer energi än andra slags batterier. Batterierna är dessutom av stora välkända märken som Samsung, Panasonic och LG.
Owning a Wafabike is no more difficult than owning a regular bike. You do not need transport insurance, driver’s license or any special insurance. You can drive on all bike paths and most roadways *. * With the exception of Badass fat retro cruiser R , which, due to its extra powerful engine power, can only be operated within a fenced area.
With a Wafabike you do not have to pay for parking space and you do not have to queue despite rush hour traffic.
A Wafabike can be used all year round thanks to its wide tires. Fatbikes also work in conditions where a regular bicycle / electric bike has problems – for example in snow and on sand. The bike is more stable and more comfortable to drive on, for example, gravel roads and in terrain than what a regular bike is.
The idyllic picture of driving the children easily and smoothly in the bicycle carriage to the playground, the beach, etc. can now become a reality, when with the help of the electric motor can actually reach for even uphill. The kids will love it!
With the help of Collectors Checkout, it has rarely been easier to carry out a purchase. In order to buy your Wafabike, you do not need to create an account with passwords etc., but you only enter the delivery address, contact information and then you make the payment in the way that suits you best – whether it is the transaction directly with Bank ID, or if you want Split the payment.
When your Wafabike is delivered, it is not fully assembled. Included in the package are manuals (in English) with pictures and descriptions of how to do – step by step. As an extra service to our customers, we have also made a number of films published on this site under FAQ / instructional videos , which, for example, show the assembly process and other tips on how to take care of your bike.
It is not entirely without reason that the bikes have got names like “Badass fat retro cruiser”, “Epic freedom fatbike cruiser” etc. They describe a feeling – which is almost indescribable. The heads will turn after you when you slide on your Wafabike – clearly!
If the above still has not succeeded in convincing you to click home a Wafabike, then throw away an email to the one and only; Mr. Jeff, King of sales, numero uno etc.

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