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Wafabike presents

Extra battery eMTB

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Extra battery that fits our models (eMTB).

There are three different sizes.

14Ah / 48v (672wh) – Standard 18.650 cells.
20Ah / 48v (960wh) – Own produced 21.700 Tesla cells.
25Ah / 36v (900wh) – Own produced 21.700 Tesla cells.



Extra battery eMTB

Sold individually and yes we have in stock.
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There are 3 different sizes. 14Ah / 48v (672wh) & 20Ah / 48v (960wh) & / 25Ah / 36v (900wh).

14Ah is standard for these bikes and is made of the famous 18,650 quality cells from Samsung.

20Ah/25Ah is our own self-developed battery. You can not find this anywhere else to buy as we are the developer of this case and battery. We have built it with the powerful 21,700 cells that is made from LG, Panasonic, Samsung. These cells are the same type that Tesla uses in their cars.



48V / 14Ah (672wh), 48v / 20Ah (960wh)

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