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  • The battery on the electric bike should not be exposed to extreme heat or water. The battery is weather-protected so that the bicycle can be used even when it is raining, but the cycle must not be exposed to continuous water stress such as in a watercourse, ditches, streams etc.
  • When not in use, store the battery dry and cool.
  • The battery should also be charged for maintenance if it is not used for a long time to maintain its full capacity.
  • Warranty does not cover batteries that are older than one year, water-damaged batteries with short circuit or reduced power as a result, batteries that have been damaged from accident or fall against hard surface.
  • Note that the capacity of a battery deteriorates at cold and hot temperatures, respectively.
  • Wafabike Sweden AB provides a two-year warranty for frame failure. Other parts of the bikes and other goods have a one year warranty. The guarantee applies in Sweden. Otherwise, the consumer purchase law applies to private individuals.
  • The warranty is not extended by replacement of parts.
  • The guarantee includes for Wafabike Sweden AB sending the replacement parts needed for the Customer to be able to change the parts on its own. Or according to agreement with the workshop on site.
  • A replacement part need not be new but must be in good working condition and at least equivalent to the replaced part.
  • The warranty does not cover the chain, wires, tires, hose, screens, batteries (for front and rear lights), chain protection. As a failure, normal trimming or adjustment measures such as adjustment of gears and brakes, oscillating tension, retraction of loose screws and nuts, are not considered normal wear.
  • The warranty does not cover errors caused by, for example, improper installation, use, moisture, wear, poor maintenance / maintenance, overloading or external damage.
  • Exempted guarantees do not include compensation for direct or indirect damage that the Customer suffered as a result. Operating errors.
  • The warranty does not cover replacing the customer for mounting / or other inconvenience in the form of cost or work that this has had to repair / repair the cycle. The warranty also does not cover faults that do not affect the function and use of the bicycle.
  • The warranty also does not cover faults that do not affect the function and use of the bicycle. NOTE! Be sure to cycle with care. Heavy shocks such as curbs, bumps or uneven surfaces can damage the bike if you drive without judgment. To repeatedly drive at high speed over edges and bumps can cause the frame to weaken.

Date of order confirmation applies as day of purchase. If the customer does not advertise within the expiry of the warranty period, the customer loses the right to rely on the guarantee. In the event of damage or other defects in the goods, the customer is obliged to immediately limit further damage that may occur as a result of continued use. If applicable, the customer invokes the warranties, Wafabike Sweden AB owns the right to remedy the errors in accordance with the terms here. If applicable, when Wafabike Sweden AB fails to rectify the errors within 60 days, the customer together with Wafabike Sweden AB shall agree on the appropriate settlement. Such a settlement never exceeds the amount paid by the customer for the goods.

Disputes relating to the interpretation or application of these warranty conditions shall, in the first instance, be attempted by the parties to resolve by agreement. Consumers can turn to the Consumer Guidance or have the dispute dealt with by the General Complaints Board. Disputes can always be tried by a public court. Swedish law shall apply in the application, interpretation and assertion of all rights and obligations associated with the purchase of the goods.

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